Engineering Services


Our engineering team has extensive experience to undertake any/all of the following development tasks

  • Product concept definition.  Working with the customer to define innovative, useful and competitively priced products for musicians.
  • Specification.  Comprehensive and detailed engineering specification is the basis for development cost estimation
  • Project budget and schedule.
  • Manufactured cost estimates
  • Optimize reuse of existing IVL and customer software/hardware assets
  • Software and hardware development
  • Mechanical design
  • Development of engineering prototypes
  • Field testing
  • Obtaining required regulatory certifications
  • Obtaining competitive quotes from contract manufacturers and supporting selection of winner
  • Manufacturing documentation
  • Handover of finished design for pre-production and mass production
  • Supervision of pre-production and startup of mass production


If the customer wishes to undertake some of the above tasks, IVL will provide support


Based on 30 year’s experience in the music industry, IVL can often suggest addition of a new feature, improvements to the user interface or a more cost effective technical innovation to add value


Interface Design

Let us help you design, and test an interface which is simple, intuititive and easy to produce.

Cost Reduction

Let us help you engineer a more efecient design for your device to reduce production costs.